Here is what some of my pupils have to say about my teaching:


Jon provided a trial lesson at which time we set 3,
6 and 12 month goals. A year later I feel I have hit 90% of those
goals and am ready to set the next set. I take lessons about once
every 3 weeks. Each lesson we go through the items I have been set in the previous lesson and am given a host of new things to get to grips with. These have been tailored to my needs and if I suggest a new style or artist Jon includes it where possible in the next lesson.

Rich Sumnall


I really enjoy the guitar lessons I have with Jon. As someone who has been playing for guitar for a number of years now but wants to play in a more imaginative, creative and varied style I have found Jon enthusiastically responsive to what I want to explore and develop. For me, it’s been important to have a teacher who is so good humoured and adaptable and who teaches from his own well spring: a deep and abiding love of music …

Ingrid Andrew


Jon really understands the needs and requests of his pupils. He’s also blessed with the patients of a saint. Lessons are well thought out and always leave you moving forward in your achievements with the practice plan helping identify areas of development in between lessons.I’ve had many music teachers over the years; Jon is easily the best!

Daniel Cullen


I had, for some time, wanted to learn to play the acoustic guitar and, having finally set myself the challenge, I found Jon’s details on Gumtree and got in touch. Jon was very helpful from the outset, advising me on the best guitar for my needs. I now have lessons about once a fortnight. Jon is always very friendly, patient and, above all, professional – I’d definitely recommend him to all aspiring guitar players!

Lynette Cox

6 responses to “Testimonials

  1. I tried a number of guitar teachers, with varying results, and I’m delighted to have come across Jon. His approach has helped me work out the goals I want to achieve and given me a structured approach for getting there. He is a born teacher – patient, thorough, empathetic and encouraging, and focused on giving students the tools to help themselves. I think I’ve made more more progress in the last six months than I have in several years of playing the guitar, and I’m particularly proud to have finally overcome extreme stage fright.

  2. The best recommendation is how much I enjoy my guitar lessons with Jon. He is a brilliant teacher – encouraging, enthusiastic, interested in your playing, funny, patient and professional. And he obviously loves music. His thoughtfulness about different possibilities for learning and taking your playing forward is striking. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him as a teacher.

  3. A couple of years ago I decided it was time to resurrect my quest to play guitar. I contacted a few local teachers and tried them . Jon stood out as being approachable and not at all intimidating. He understood very quickly what I wanted to achieve and the type of music I want to play.
    Two years in and I am still enjoying it have progressed much further than I imagined. Jon is enthusiastic and supportive with just the right amount of prodding when I have a lazy rush! He spends a lot of time tailoring lessons and arrangements to suit me and I know from his website material that he does this for all his pupils.
    I leave the lessons inspired and motivated. Very glad I found him

  4. Hi Jon,

    Thanks so much for your lessons over the last few months. I’m really enjoying them and I feel I’m not only improving my playing but understand the guitar more than I ever have before. I really like the way you teach theory and practice together. It’s very inspiring.

    I now feel confident enough to accompany a friend, something I never thought I would ever do.

    Thanks again,


  5. B B King’s advice to guitarists was “Get yourself a teacher, take music lessons, and learn everything you can about your instrument”. Finding the right person can be a long process, but Jon is that teacher. He is uncannily good at sensing where you are, what you like to play and how to make you better. Jon is a superb guitarist and an instinctively great teacher with passion and a range of knowledge to match all styles. Perhaps best of all, enjoyment is key. If your passion for guitar has been dormant, go to Jon to light it up again.

  6. I highly recommend Jon!

    Playing the guitar has been on my bucket list since forever and starting to learn an instrument “middle aged” so to say, isn’t always easy. But Jon is great at finding the right mix of setting realistic targets, learning the skills needed to play my favourite songs and builing in small achievements along the way to make it fun!

    I also travel lots with work and Jon always has great exercises I can do without having my guitar around. So no more wasting time on a plane!

    I would also recommend Jon’s guitar retreats! It’s a great way to spend time in the country, play the guitar all day and hang out with great people! And as a bonus – you get to see how fantastic Jon is at playing the guitar!

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